Thursday, February 9, 2012

notes from class

i am showing a coworker some tips and tricks in 3d studio max because i had a to take a few classes of it in college. so, i brought in my notes..because obviously there are some things i've forgotten. and i think you'll figure out why after looking at them...

i guess to preface these images, i can tell you this notebook was for a couple classes actually. the one class was learning just how to model in the program, and the other class focused only on lighting and texturing the models. it was very confusing. my friend and i were not supposed to take the 2 classes at the same time, but that's the way it worked out. oh college insanity: i do not miss you. i do miss, however, the studio bond-ing-ness.

also. i imagined i was being taught this stuff by a stud named max. who had to constantly let you know that he was 3 dimensional.

the highlighed part says: "i'm so tired. i wonder if my head is dropping."

this is one of my favorites. it was so quick, but i can imagine the little jazzy guy dancing around.

this must have been a bad day. probably wasn't in the mood for any of it. so this guy is farting out my notes.

i think that may have been kurt vonnegut. keep it simple stupid  is something i imagine he would have said.

the notes start out so well-intentioned. but by the end of the semester, they turn into pictograms.

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