Monday, December 19, 2011

screwed the hooch

-exercise equipment
-carl otis winslow
-"the key to the entire system"
-suit jackets
-2001: a space odyssey soundtrack
-anger issues, yells a lot
-leaving for new job in 3 days, stays b/c old dude murdered (spoiler alert)
-hooch woulda been shot in a second
-hanks likes being in his undies
-dog is an alcoholic
-no warrent

bad bad movie. painful to watch, in fact, got up and made dinner during last 20 minutes of it. didn't have to be a cop movie about an ocd fella, and a crazy dog. the only thing saving the movie is tom hanks' yell talking...which made me laugh every time.

if this movie was on tv...would i watch it: no
rating: D

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